[LGM] LGM 2019 - Website

Soenke Zehle soenke at kein.org
Thu Jul 12 11:33:24 UTC 2018

Hi all,

initial info is up at https://libregraphicsmeeting.org/2019

(thx a.l.e. for nudging and getting us started)

We will be updating this in August with more text and visuals.

For the program committee: We have kept the CFP text from 2018, but we
need info onto the mechanics of submission (email? online ?).

We will also post updates regarding the spaces available for satellite
events such as smaller exhibitions or installations. We also plan to
work with an independent self-managed cinema to show floss-based films
if there is interest.

I was also curious if anyone thought we should have a pre-meeting for
people interested in attending / getting involved at the Blender conf:


"Other ways to participate: For those of you who will not submit a
proposal but are interested in attending the conference, please feel
free to send us your suggestions or comments. Information on
registration for the conference will be posted on the website over the
next months. We also anticipate facilitating informal, open sessions
for people to network, share new ideas and gain insight into the work
of other Blender developers and artists. So please do send us your
feedback! We look forward to hearing from you! Ton Roosendaal,
Chairman Blender Foundation conference(at)blender.org"



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