[LGM] Schedule - LGM 2019

Aude Poilroux ap at k8.design
Tue Mar 12 08:10:49 UTC 2019

Dear LGM community,

we have been working on it during the last weeks and there it is - the
schedule for LGM 2019!

We will publish a detailed version with the abstracts of all presentations
and workshops in the next weeks.

As you can see, LGM officialy beginns on wednesday evening (May 29th).
On the day of the opening, the local organisation partner K8 Institut für
strategische Ästhetik organises with his local partners a programm about
open-source in german language for local companies and other interested
people. There is the possibility of presenting projects to the local
community in this context. If you are interested in presenting something,
feel free to contact me.

See you all in May at LGM!

For the LGM organization team,
Aude Poilroux

Aude Poilroux

*Coordination, Gestion de projets*K8 Institut für strategische Ästhetik
Keplerstr. 3-5
D-66117 Saarbrücken
Tel: +49 681 84 492 069
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