[LGM] LGM photo workshop - Looking for a model

Aude Poilroux ap at k8.design
Thu Mar 14 14:55:51 UTC 2019

Hello LGM community,

during LGM the photograph Stefan Schmitz will hold on saturday, June 1st,
the workshop "(Sensual) Portrait photography and post production" and needs
a model for this workshop. Is anybody interested?

(Working on "sensual portraits" means that it won't be pass pictures or
business portraits. It is not erotic portraits and no naked pictures).

If someone is interested in being model for this workshop, please contact
Stefan Schmitz (in copy of this email).

Thanks a lot


Aude Poilroux

*Coordination, Gestion de projets*K8 Institut für strategische Ästhetik
Keplerstr. 3-5
D-66117 Saarbrücken
Tel: +49 681 84 492 069

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