[LGM] on using libre graphics software and creating free content

ale rimoldi ale at graphicslab.org
Tue Mar 26 16:54:43 UTC 2019

dear lgmers,
dear local organizers,

after having read the announce for the detailed scheduled being
published, i had a look at the website and did a routine check. on that 
i already did in the past for other LGM sites.

nothing really bad could be found, of course, but i've made a finding
that won't award me much love from the local organizers.
but it needs to be said:

at least two of the main assets on the website have not been created
with free software (i have checked three documents: none of them were
created with free software).

please, local organizers, do use free software for producing your
artworks and your documents!
and put the them explicitly under free content licenses!
and only use resources that are free, not just for free.

opening them with free software and re-saving them with a new signature
is the strict minimum, but -- to be honest -- i would expect you to ask
the person who created them to restart the work from scratch with
free software (of course he/she can keep all the ideas he / she had!)

i know that it is painful, but, please, go back to the starting blocks
and recreate the graphics with free software.

and, please only use free software for all future documents!
(all of them: jpg, png, svg, pdf, mp4, ...)

i would have thought, it's obvious that the documents created
by the organizers of the LGM for the LGM will be produced with free
software but it seems that it's not the case.
... we probably need to add a "local organizer requirements" in

http://libregraphicsmeeting.org/lgm/public-documentation/ (lgm setup)

with this requirement listed.

any suggestion, what else should be in there?
(i will create the page later...)

back to the local organizers in saarbr├╝cken: if you need help on
using our programs, don't hesitate to ask in here or in our support
channels/forums/mailing lists!

sorry for the bad vibes... i still love you all...


p.s.: i think that i did the same request in the past to at least one
other local organizer team and they "happily" complied. thanks to
them! since we decided for a more open communication, this time i'm
making the request in public... i hope not to shock too many people.

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