[Libreoffice-bugs] [Bug 36571] Find bar does not appear properly at top of screen

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Thu Apr 28 15:43:30 CEST 2011


--- Comment #3 from Zack <zcreveling at gmail.com> 2011-04-28 06:43:29 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #2)
> Zack, you are doing a great job in triaging bug reports and resolving them as
> duplicates etc, but please, no need to add otherwise uninformative
> "confirmation" comments. It just increases the mail load on developers. If
> there is no earlier comment that people explicitly would *not* be able to
> reproduce a bug, there is no need to add a comment if you *can* reproduce it.
> We should believe the bug reporter.

Will do!  I'm still trying to get a hang of this whole triaging thing as it's
really the only thing I'm capable of lol.  I read up on Bug Triaging on the
wiki but the information is rather sparse.  Thanks for letting me know what I'm
doing wrong, it's the only way I can learn!

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