[Libreoffice-bugs] [Bug 40273] pagebreaks are deleted on most sheets AFTER importing a sheet from other file

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--- Comment #18 from Nicolás Adamo <nicoadamo at gmail.com> 2011-08-29 07:23:44 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #16)
> (In reply to comment #15)
> > Well, I gave my best trying to explain myself. I also provided the files where
> > the bug is noticed. If that's not enough and you consider it is L.O. expected
> > behavor, nevermind, close the bug.
> Nicolas,
> For it to be considered a bug, rather than a feature request, it has to be :
> 1) something that worked before in a previous version, e.g. in a previous OOo
> or LO version, but no longer works in the current version (production or daily
> build from master) ;
> 2) something which does not work as initially designed
> For Case (2), the bug testers need to be able to reproduce the starting
> hypothesis, i.e. that we can see the page breaks in the template. None of those
> who have tested so far can see the page breaks, unless we add them ourselves
> through the "Print Preview" option. You wrote "pagebreaks are deleted on most
> sheets", which supposes that the page breaks are visible after you open the
> template file. 

Here's where I disagree. And tried again before saying unjustified things. If I
open the template, and wether I enable or disable macros when asked, I can do a
page preview of all pages. That being said, I can do a fast print (from the
button with the icon of a printer) and even a File|Print.

BUT if I select a sheet from OTHER book (file .ods) and right click on the tab
and select "Move/Copy Sheet" and then place it on the document based on the
template, THEN I can not do neither page preview (I can but nothing is shown)
nor fast printing nor normal print command (the little preview on the left side
of the print window is empty). As I said in first post, the workaround is to
select the non empty cells and then Print|Selection.

Tried also opening the template, and selecting Insert|Sheet from file. Same

I can't figure out how the other users can't reproduce this.

And regarding (1), this was not observed when using L.O. 3.2 . Don't know about
3.3 .-

CLICK!: I just thought of a way people might not be able to reproduce this
(pagebreaks ARE in the template before moving/copy sheets form other files to
it): Maybe is some internalization or localization (i10n, l18n)... As I said, I
use LO in Spanish... From Options|Language Configuration, I have:
User Interface: Español (España)
Regional Conf.: Español (Argentina)
Decimal: Ticked (Same as reg. conf.)
Default Currency: ARS $ Español (Argentina)
Default Languages for Documents:
         Occidental: Default - Español (Argentina)
Only for actual doc. Unticked.
Advanced Language Management: Both options Unticked.

Maybe this is it!!



>In my tests, I can see no page breaks at all in various versions
> of OOo/LibO/NeoOffice. As such, this might indeed be buggy behaviour, if it can
> be shown that they were at one time displayed in a previous (even older)
> version on other peoples' machines. However, that has not been the case so far.
> So it isn't a case of us not wanting to admit that there is a bug, but it seems
> difficult to justify that a bug exists when several people have tried and can
> not even reproduce the starting hypothesis, let alone the alleged buggy
> behaviour.
> Alex

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