[Libreoffice-bugs] [Bug 39359] LibreOffice clears header format in a file created in openoffice 3.3

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Mon Jul 25 11:28:53 PDT 2011


--- Comment #8 from Rainer Bielefeld <LibreOffice at bielefeldundbuss.de> 2011-07-25 11:28:53 PDT ---
I tried to reproduce:
1. opened reporter's ott
2. Saved with "LibreOffice 3.4.1 RC2 - WIN7  Home Premium (64bit) 
   German UI [OOO340m1 (Build:202)]" as "savedfromLibO342withoutheading.odt"
3. inserted some <enter> at the end so that new page opened
4. saved as "savedfromLibO342withheading.odt"
5. Closed
6. Opened both documents with OOo-dev 3.4
7.  inserted some <enter> at the end so that new page opened in 

A) Both documents showed correct heading format with Arial9, underline and so
on. Reporter's screenshots show problem very clearly, a mistake is implossible.
B) The only thing that might be strange is that with all my OOos and LibOs the
underline on the heading on page 2 has a bigger distance to the bottom of the
heading than on first page, and the first page shows no text in Heading
(Planificação a Médio). I believe we should ignore tis and concentrate 

So concerning A:
a) Because I can not see reporter's problem with OOo 3.1.1 and OOo-dev 3.4 it
might be that the problem only is visible
a1) with (particular) Linux versions?
a2) with OOo 3.3

a1) I can't test, WIN only
a2) I have a OOo-dev 3.2 available (OOO320m16 Build9497), so I installed and
tried it. Result: reporter's "LibO_ISSUE.odt" and also my own documents from
LibO 3.4 did not show the problem (indicated by Arial 14)

So I am pretty sure that it's a OOo3 problem with a particular Version used
there, but of course, I will also try OOo 3.3 - tomorrow!

@reporter: In your PDF I read "Bottom Border 0.02 cm" as correct value -
shouldn't it be "0.2 cm"?

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