[Libreoffice-bugs] [Bug 35063] File properties change doesn't mark document as modified

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--- Comment #2 from Federico Del Bene <federico at delbene.eu> 2011-03-07 08:04:19 PST ---
I thought it was clear that I was referring to the menu File -> Properties.

If you open a file by double clicking on it, wait until the file open in LibO,
move the mouse to the menu "File", click on it, move the mouse over the
"Properties" entry ("Proprietà..." in Italian) and click it, it will open a new
window where you can edit the file's properties.

For example you can add a personalized property, or add a comment to the file.

Whatever you do, if you click OK and close the window, you'll will NOT have the
possibility to save the file (the entry "Save" in the file menu, and the "Save"
button are greyed out).

If you now close the file you will lose your changes.

To save them you'll have to edit the file by, in example, typing a letter and
cancelling it, and then save the file.

What I expect to happen is that after a change to the file properties you'll
have the possibility to save the file as it happens in LibO Calc.

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