[Libreoffice-bugs] [Bug 34690] Settings effective for just one machine when installing on Dropbox

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--- Comment #3 from filkin <david at filskov.dk> 2011-03-08 01:55:54 PST ---
I don't think you promiste synchornized settings. I agree it's an enhancement
to make it more user-friendly - and especially using the portable version it
shouldn't be necessary to recreate settings once used on another system.

Dropbox simply makes sure the files in its folder are synced on more than one
system. That way you can install LibreOffice once in a Dropbox folder and
LibreOffice will be synced to the other systems used by that dropbox account
owner. But it seems that settings aren't in the install folder (which on a
Windows system makes sense) but it's hardly user-friendly that you can't easily
transfer all those settings - carefully adjusted after maybe months of use - to
another system / installation.

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