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--- Comment #7 from Tor Lillqvist <tlillqvist at novell.com> 2011-03-10 03:06:09 PST ---
Have you edited the style used by the paragraphs in question so that the first
(only?) tab stop is at a suitable position? If all the paragraphs in question
use the same style, use right-click and Edit Paragraph Style, then in the Tabs
tab, set the position for the (only) tab stop to (for instance) 10cm.

At least, that's what I came up when quickly experimenting.

I.e., I guess your problem is that you expect Writer to have some "sane"
default tab settings, and apparently the default style doesn't have that.

Or perhaps you expect the first use of a tab in a paragraph with no tab
settings in its style to automatically set a tab position at the column where
that tab is, and then automatically make the same tab position be effective in
other paragraphs that use the same style?

And really, I guess you shouldn't be using tabulators at all, but a proper
table... If you use tabs, and the paragraph is longer than one line, the next
lines won't be indented to the tab stop. So yeah, the right thing to do here is
to use a table, I think.

(Back when I used to teach people how to properly create documents in LaTeX,
one simple rule I used was "if it has columns and rows, it is a table". Any
attempt at "manual" table-like formatting, aligning columns etc with (horror)
multiple spaces or tabs, is bound to fail.)

Cédric, what do you think?

I would tend to resolve this as NOTABUG, the user just needs to learn how to
use the software and not expect it to work like a "normal" plain text editor...

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