[Libreoffice-bugs] [Bug 35282] LibreOffice fails to override default language settings, spellcheck fails as result

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--- Comment #2 from Nicolas <ncrdrg at gmail.com> 2011-03-14 08:20:48 PDT ---
You don't have to go to Tools-Options-Language settings and set it to None. It
was set to English Canada in my example. By default font language, I mean, by
the menu Styles and Formatting (F11)-Default and choose Modify and set the
current font to None (or French Canada).

I mean that if I use the menu "For All Text" (not "This Text, sorry) to try to
change the language of the text document when the default font is set to
something else (such as none or French Canada), it doesn't work but if I select
the entire text by highlighting it and then select "For this selection"-English
Canada, it works.

If I want to reproduce the problem, the current document has to be set to have
no language (or a different one), so you might want to highlight everything,
pick "For this selection"-None (or French Canada) and then try picking "For All
Text"-English Canada and the spell-checking language doesn't change.

If you want, I can try using software to capture a video of myself reproducing
the problem if that can help you. It's a bit complex to explain.

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