[Libreoffice-bugs] [Bug 35108] using dot net "cli" libraries from SDK summons old openoffice installation

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--- Comment #2 from Wolfgang Silbermayr <wolfgang.silbermayr at gmail.com> 2011-03-21 06:09:23 PDT ---
I can confirm this bug.

I had OpenOffice 3.2 installed on a Windows XP box, then installed LibreOffice
3.3.1 and afterwards uninstalled OpenOffice.

I tried a small test project in MonoDevelop which basically contains this one
line that gets executed in the Main() method:


The project references the files cli_basetype.dll, cli_cppuhelper.dll,
cli_oootypes.dll, cli_ure.dll, cli_uretypes.dll. I untagged the "Use local
copy" setting for all of them, so they should be used from the GAC, I think. Or
maybe from the LibreOffice directory. I don't know which way Monodevelop

The project fails exactly the same way as giancarlotodone described it, when I
run it using the DotNet 3.5 or 2.0 runtime.

Looking at the installed files under c:\windows\assembly, I see the following
files installed:
(assemblyname / version / token / processor architecture)
cli_basetypes / / ce2cb7e279207b9e / MSIL
cli_cppuhelper / / ce2cb7e279207b9e / x86
cli_oootypes / / ce2cb7e279207b9e / MSIL
cli_ure / / ce2cb7e279207b9e / MSIL
cli_uretypes / / ce2cb7e279207b9e / MSIL

What ist strange is that the company name in the exlorer porperties window for
cli_basetypes file is OpenOffice.org, but maybe that was just forgotten to be
changed to libreoffice when the package was built.

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