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Default Example Re-size in Illustrator

The above "Example Re-size in Illustrator.zip" shows the default behavior of
resizing SVG pictures in Illustrator (the depicted examples is the same default
behavior in most robust SVG-Editors).

In Illustrator and most other SVG editors, a person can control wether or not
the stroke size gets scaled or stays the same. An example of changing the
default behavior within Illustrator is with the “Transform” palette (Window >
Transform). This can be very useful for things like medical drawings, maps,
logos, etc where control over the SVG pictures must be maintained and
everything must look exactly the same at every size. 

@Rainer Bielefeld 
The example "mysample.odt" file that you created is an example of how
LibreOffice does NOT, by default, provide the same behavior as other
SVG-Editors and continues to demonstrate how LibreOffice is having problems
with SVG.

You wrote, "I can't see anything unexpected, of course the rectangles border
lines of the rectangles become thicker, the ratio of border line width to
rectangle diameter remains, that's expected and something completely different
from editing a rectangle (not a picture containing rectangles)."

According to tbehrens at novell.com in Bug 41995, he states, "...So what
LibreOffice will do, starting with 3.5, is by default store true .svg files." A
"true .svg" behaves differently from bit-mapped pictures (which is a main
reason why SVG is greatly desired), and the ability to create, edit and use SVG
pictures is a goal of the LibreOffice development team.

A further example of how this "Bug" appears in LibreOffice is demonstrated
within the generated PDF files. Even-though starting with version 3.5 SVG will
be stored as "true .svg" the current LibreOffice continues to "apparently"
change SVG into bit-mapped images and use these SVG pictures as bit-mapped
images (as demonstrated in this "Bug" report and others).

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