[Libreoffice-bugs] [Bug 43065] DRAW, WRITER, etc Modifies SVG "stroke-width"

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@Rainer Bielefeld

Thank you for your detailed tests. We obtain similar behavior, but there is

Any idea why there is a difference between a .svg opened with DRAW (that
becomes an ODF vector drawing) and an inserted SVG? Shouldn't SVG be SVG? Are
we missing something? According to tbehrens at novell.com in Bug 41995, he states,
"...So what LibreOffice will do, starting with 3.5, is by default store true
.svg files." A "true .svg" behaves differently from bit-mapped pictures (which
is a main reason why SVG is greatly desired), and the ability to create, edit
and use SVG pictures is a goal of the LibreOffice development team.

This BUG focuses on the underpinnings of how SVG is created, stored, used, etc.
If the LibreOffice team desires to implement SVG then why have SVG function
differently? Inconsistent use of SVG will most likely confuse and perhaps
frustrate the user. Why, in LibreOffice, design and develop SVG to be
in-essence PNG? Why allow SVG to be created (exported) by LibreOffice when
in-effect it isn't SVG at all?

Please explain?

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