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--- Comment #1 from Allan Jacobs <jacobsallanster at gmail.com> 2011-11-20 14:10:45 PST ---
Bjorn is correct about the ease of adding clang.  Making with clang is not an
easy hack.

Suppose <args> are the arguments used in the absence of scan-build.  The steps
are as follows:
(1) Hack core/autogen.sh so that scan-build './configure <args>' is run instead
of './configure <args>'. First, change 
    my @args;
    my @args;
    push @args, "./configure";

Then, change 
    system ("./configure", @args) && die "Error running configure";
    system ("scan-build", @args) && die "Error running configure";
(2) cd core; sh ./autogen.sh
(3) Instead of running 'make' from the command line, run 'scan-build make'.

On my computer, I can get to step 
    (47/157) Building module berkeleydb
... and then my computer crashes.  I'm running with Ubuntu 11.10 on a 4-core
machine with 8 GB of RAM.

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