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--- Comment #2 from TJ Meneses <tjmeneses at yahoo.com> 2011-10-07 08:02:52 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #1)
> I vote for changing the importance of this bug to be at least "normal" for two
> reasons:
> - it would be critical if after entering a formula in a cell, instead of the
> formula, only the outcome (number) is saved to file - which is basically what
> happens with the solver objective and constraints.
> - this particular bug prevents (business) schools/ universities from teaching
> Libreoffice instead of Microsoft (and has been ignored by OpenOffice for about
> three years).

I second this vote. I'm a college student currently going through operations
research subjects which require linear programming as part of its syllabus, and
so far LO Calc has been a big help in solving cases on integer programming
we're being given in class. However, the lack of a save function shocked me
when I discovered that my previously lengthy model in one particular problem
all but disappeared when I reopened the file at a later time.

This sounds like much more than a feature request. It's functionality that's
missing, because no one in their right mind would create anything more than the
most basic of LP models using Calc knowing that they would have to rebuild it

I read in a similar bug post (32063) that implementing it would require
changing the ODF spec. I propose for the solver to simply not save the model in
the same *.ods file as the spreadsheet from which it is built, but rather in a
separate file. I find this to be an elegant solution, since the implementer of
the language solver would use to save the data is unconstrained to pick from
any of the plentiful (and open) LP languages out there, with my own preference
of GAMS. It would furthermore be highly portable, meaning it could be loaded
onto any other spreadsheet and run independent of the original basis of the

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