[Libreoffice-bugs] [Bug 37121] libreoffice repeatedly freezes after resuming laptop from sleep

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--- Comment #1 from cory dodt <freedesktop at s.goonmill.org> 2011-10-10 11:33:12 PDT ---
Just thought I'd post that I cannot find a good workaround. I did find a *bad*
workaround, which is to let the power management daemon just kill off soffice. 

The reason this is better than the current bug is that the current bug has the
potential to completely hang the system if you fail to kill soffice quickly.
It's horrible, but I haven't found anything else that works. (One poster in the
original launchpad bug suggested using compiz -replace in a pm.d script, but
that did not work for me.)

Bad workaround
Create a file:
    sudo touch /etc/pm.d/sleep.d/20_kill_soffice
    sudo chmod +x /etc/pm.d/sleep.d/20_kill_soffice

Add these contents:




# pm-action(8) - <action> <suspend method>
# On suspend|hibernate, kill soffice due to compiz-related hang:

case "${1}" in
            # hope soffice's recovery function works.
            pkill -f soffice.bin

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