[Libreoffice-bugs] [Bug 41691] Forms editor not handling Boolean fields correctly.

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--- Comment #2 from John Baraclough <j_baraclough at yahoo.co.uk> 2011-10-11 15:17:56 PDT ---
Hi Drew,

Perhaps I didn't explain correctly. Adding a field to a form in edit mode from
the drop-down list works in different ways for Boolean fields compared to any
other field type. When adding a Boolean field both a checkbox and a field name
are added but they cannot be ungrouped for formatting. Any other field type
adds a data entry box and field name which can be ungrouped.

It's the inconsistency between adding the Boolean field from the wizard and
adding it from the "Add Field" button which I found confusing. All other field
types behave the same whether they are added by the wizard or subsequently by
the editor. It's only Boolean fields which differ.

Now I know that the problem exists, I can easily use the workaround of adding a
checkbox and then editing its label.

Thanks for the reply.

Best wishes,

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Subject: [Bug 41691] Forms editor not handling Boolean fields correctly.
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--- Comment #1 from Drew Jensen <drew at baseanswers.com> 2011-10-11 12:55:49 PDT
Hi John,

Ok - well you are caught in a small user experience problem IMO - in other
words the application is performing as designed, just isn't all that intuitive.

When you created the form with the wizard a checkbox control AND a separate
Text control are added, as you noticed, and they are grouped together.

When on the other hand you add a checkbox to a form (or likely what you are
doing is opening the fields dialog and adding a boolean field to the form) no
such text box is added.

The checkbox control has a 'label' property - in the case of the wizard added
checkbox this property is an empty string, in the case of the control added
later the property is set to the name of the field...intuitive, no.

So for your newly added chekbox simply select it, right click and select edit,
you will see the Label property in the property editor.

I hope that helps - if you have further questions on working with form controls
I would recommend you check out the user mailing list, you can find a web
gateway to same at:http://nabble.documentfoundation.org/Users-f1639498.html or
you can subscribe directly to the list.

For this bug report I will change the status to 'works for me' - If I've
misunderstood your situation please feel free to let me know here.

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