[Libreoffice-bugs] [Bug 39865] libreoffice crashes on html file with a https:// image reference

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Rainer Bielefeld <LibreOffice at bielefeldundbuss.de> changed:

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--- Comment #5 from Rainer Bielefeld <LibreOffice at bielefeldundbuss.de> 2011-09-06 11:54:59 PDT ---
NOT reproducible with Server installation of Master "LibO-dev 3.5.0 – WIN7 Home
Premium (64bit) English UI [(Build ID:  3b32204-7f92fce-2ba0a9f)]" and
reporter's sample document.

My test:
1. dwonloaded attachment with MS IE (all other browsers want to open 
   document directly in browser)
2. Start LibO (Start Center appears)
3. Open new Writer Document
4. Menu 'File -> Open - Browse for sample document -> <open>
   Document opens in WRITER, picture is replaced by placeholder, but no crash.
   Picture URL: 

The same result with "LibreOffice 3.4.3 RC2 - WIN7 Home Premium (64bit) German
UI [OOO340m1 (Build:302)]".

Also no crash with a LibO 3.4.2RC2 based daily from end of July, but strange:
with that version the picture is shown correctly. There the picture URL in
document is
Completely different!

Related to the problem? 

No crash here, so Linux related?

Petr Cerny:
Can you confirm my observations? 
- Attach screenshots with comments (you can add information using LibO DRAW
  and then attach your screenshot with comments as PDF) if necessary, because
  you can not know what others will see with your sample
- Contribute a step by step instruction containing every key press and every 
  mouse click how to reproduce your problem (and if possible how to created a 
  sample document from the scratch)
- add information 
  -- what exactly is unexpected
  -- and why do you believe it's unexpected (cite Help or Documentation!)
  -- concerning your PC 
  -- concerning your OS (What Linux / Version)?
  -- concerning your LibO version and localization (UI language, 64bit build?)
  –- Libo settings that might be related to your problems 
    (video hardware acceleration ...)
  -- how you launch LibO and how you opened the sample document
  -- With what other Versions the problem was not visible
  -- everything else crossing your mind after you read a.m. URL

May be you can test <http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/BugReport_Details> for
submitting bug reports?

Please file Bug reports with status UNCONFIRMED if your are not absolutely sure
that you contributed all required background information, that the problem will
be reproducible with information you can provide or that your enhancement
request will be accepted!

Thank you!

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