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--- Comment #5 from Astron <heinzlesspam at gmail.com> 2012-02-03 09:25:03 PST ---
@Rainer: Making dialogues resizable in LibO is pretty hard (this is only
becoming harder the more elements there are in a dialogue) and has so far only
been done for some (often new) dialogues. The homegrown GUI framework we use,
VCL, is sadly pretty dumb when it comes to positioning UI elements. They are
literally placed fixed at a certain point and have an exact size. Now, when
resizing a dialogue, people usually expect that the elements in it resize, too.
That is the point where some poor coder has to spend a good amount of time to
write some custom C++ to define how to resize which element by how many pixels
when people do what.
All this is unlike modern GUI toolkits like GTK+, Qt, WPF, XUL etc that make it
pretty easy to define such things.

VCL hinders UI development all the time and the two possibilities are:
* switch to another toolkit (extremely expensive in the short run, but won't
require much maintenance)
* update VCL with some modern functionality (maybe a little less expensive in
the short run, but will require maintenance)

In any case, this is probably "Wishlist LibO 4.0" material.

The "good" news is that Microsoft Office has had the same problem with resizing
dialogues (at least until MSO 2007, haven't worked with any later versions).

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