[Libreoffice-bugs] [Bug 43765] FORMCONTROLS: Check Boxes and Option Buttons Become Invisible, when you Click into a Table.

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--- Comment #3 from starmatz71 at yahoo.de 2012-02-05 02:51:45 PST ---
I can confirm this behavior for LibreOffice V3.5.0 RC3 !!!
This bug also occures in LibreOffice V3.4.4 in Ubuntu Linux 11.10 64-Bit.

I think this is a problem in redrawing the table. It fills the boxes with the
background-colour and draw the text inside but does not see the checkbox or the

Because this bugs appears platform independent this bug must be inside LibO.

I have tried to disable the hardwareaccaleration but the behavior is the same
on both platforms.

If i export this as PDF the checkboxes and option fields are visible normally.

After saving and reloading the file (odf) the checkbox and optionbutton are
visible, also if i type something in the table (!!!).
After adding a new Checkbox and typing into the table, in which the checkbox
lies, the old beavior occures.

This is a great regression to create formulars in business and public
administration. It is nor possible to work effectively if those checkboxes
disappears "randomly".

This bug should be fixed soon!

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