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Hi Gérard,
Thanks for your report.

We also need a copy of the original ODB file to be able to compare.

Additionally, please tell us how to reproduce the problem, i.e. exactly, step
by step, the operations that cause the problem to occur. Without this, it is
unlikely that any of us will be able to help you, simply because we will be
unable to reproduce as near as possible the conditions in which you were
working when the incident occurred. If you can not do this, then we will have
to mark the bug as invalid.

Database corruption with an integrated HSQLDB db is not a new phenomena (check
out the various OOo forum postings where this is mentioned), and often stems
from a RAM memory overload at closure of the ODB database file, since this is
when the contents and any changes are actually written to the underlying db
file on disk.

I can only recommend in the meantime that you take the precautions given to OOo
users with regard to HSQLDB ODB files, and which can be found on the various
OOo forums. It is unlikely that we will have a solution for your problem, even
if it can be reproduced, in the foreseeable future. However, it would help us a
lot if we had a reproducible description of how to make the bug occur.


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