[Libreoffice-bugs] [Bug 44784] FORMATTING: Japanese Ruby Characters require an offset control in Asian Phonetic Guide

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--- Comment #2 from Tsukino Usagi <oliver.richman at gmail.com> 2012-01-14 18:30:04 PST ---
Ok, after digging through quite a bit I think I found out the best way to fix
this problem, or at least looking at how to approach it. Unfortunately my C++
is a little rusty and while I can understand the code if it's right in front of
me I estimate it would take me more than a month to understand the code well
enough to fix this. I am sorry I just can't spare the time. I would so love to
donate money to get this fixed (if that would help). Anyways:

In the file portmulti.cxx, around line 705, it became apparent to me that
LibreOffice renders ruby (furigana) using two separate lines. This is
problematic on many levels, not least of all because it alters the line spacing
and prevents ruby from ever touching the Japanese -- even if you alter the line
spacing for the second line in portmulti.cxx it looks like you will just cut
off the Japanese itself.

How to fix this problem:
1. (either) Change the way furigana (ruby) is rendered so it overlays over the
line (and add an offset control)... like in LaTeX (CJK overlay) or Microsoft
Office (which I believe has had an offset control in Asian Phonetic Guide for
at least seven years now, because of this problem!)
2. For two-line or ruby two-line text allow the Japanese text and ruby text to
be drawn on top of each other -- i.e. don't clip the Japanese or the ruby. THAT
is a bit of a hack but I imagine no one will ever complain about that since
line spacing is under user control. Maybe add a "clip to line size" checkbox to
styles, and then allow us to set line size independantly for the japanese and
the ruby (and not in total). That would be great but it won't be the same
solution as other Word Processors/Typesetters.

I really wish I could implement this myself. Thanks for helping if you can do

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