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--- Comment #1 from daniel at tamm-tamm.de 2012-03-29 03:43:50 PDT ---
I can confirm this behaviour. When I use a dual head configuration with
1280x600 on the internal screen and 1920x1080 on the external one, the menus
are places as follows:

Internal screen, maximized:
longer menus are placed right to the main menu item, right at the upper screen

Internal screen, not maximized:
the above effect concerns more menus, i.e. also some shorter ones.

External screen, maximized:
All menus are displayed under the main item, but the menus to the right are
right aligned.

External screen, not maximized:
All menus are displayed under the main item, but all except the File menu are
right aligned.

There is sufficiently much space even on my internal screen to display all
menus in the standard way (under the main item, left aligned).
Especially the shifting to the upper screen border is very annoying since the
meny hides other main menu items to the right of the current main menu item, so
you cannot hover over to the next menu. Instead, you first have to close the
current menu before getting access to the menu to the right of it.

If I switch off dual screen mode, all menus behave as they should.

My environment is Ubuntu 11.04 Gnome with 3D effects on.

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