[Libreoffice-bugs] [Bug 81593] Regression: thumbnails in gallery have poor resolution and excessive enlargement when the vector source has small dimensions

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sergio.callegari at gmail.com changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|Thumbnails in gallery have  |Regression: thumbnails in
                   |poor resolution when the    |gallery have poor
                   |vector source has small     |resolution and excessive
                   |dimensions                  |enlargement when the vector
                   |                            |source has small dimensions

--- Comment #17 from sergio.callegari at gmail.com ---
I am also noticing that zooming is in some cases excessive. Attaching a test
case. Updated the bug title accordingly.

Also, these are all regressions. I still have in the gallery some objects that
were put on the gallery with older versions of LibO (maybe even OO). At that
time, LibO/OO used to create gallery previews where the background transparency
was not evidenced in any way. However, all the present resolution/scaling
issues were absent. All those objects that had been put in the gallery at
ancient times look fine even when I explore the gallery with a recent version
of LibO. Yet, if I take those objects out of the gallery and then I try to put
them back in the gallery, their preview is broken.  Updated the bug title to
make the regression nature of the bug stand out.

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