[Libreoffice-qa] Windows daily builds of master

Rainer Bielefeld LibreOffice at bielefeldundbuss.de
Wed Aug 31 02:20:27 PDT 2011

Jan Holesovsky schrieb:

> Finally we have a tinderbox that is producing Windows daily builds of
> master again:


thanks a lot, I already checked the Version 2011-08-26_22.11.34, in 
future I plan to install 1 new Master each week. May be you can leave 
some additional hints on 
Wiki Help Page]?

Are there any plans what should be done with the resting WIN dev-build 
repositories? Provo_Windows_x86_Tinderbox and Voreppe_Win32_Tinderbox 
have been without any update for a long time.

"Windows_Release_Configuration" has gone?

I reported several Windows Master Build bugs in July, most of them seem 
to be fixed for current Master. May be someone will find the time to 
check before me?

Kind regards


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