[Libreoffice-qa] Crash in Impress in slideshow mode with linked movie ?

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at suse.com
Thu Dec 15 02:49:02 PST 2011

On Thu, 2011-12-15 at 10:29 +0000, Pedro Lino wrote:
> > it seems that Impress in LO 3.5.0 crashes under *MS-Windows* in
> > slideshow mode when you try to show a slide with a linked movie (menu
> > Insert -> Movie and Sound...).
> Yes. I can confirm that, although I couldn't find the Bug report.
> Impress crashes instantly when switching to Slideshow mode.

	This is much more likely to be my monitor switching work.

	On the other hand, windows being windows & hence #$%#$5ing useless has
no means for us to get a stack trace that might help with debugging.

	At least - I heard in the past that this was possible, and/or easy and
you 'only' have to <insert ten un-documented steps> ;-)

	Tor / Pedro - is there documentation for Windows for how to get a stack
trace for our Betas ? and/or can we get one for this ? FWIW, the wine
version appears not to even start impress ;-)



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