[Libreoffice-qa] Issue with Text Animations in LibO-3.5-beta1

Rainer Bielefeld LibreOffice at bielefeldundbuss.de
Sat Dec 17 08:22:37 PST 2011

Andreas Mantke schrieb:

> [...] in 3.4.4 everything works smoothly, but in 3.5.0-beta1 there is no text
> animation available. If there are more than one animation on the slide, I got on a
> click the slide with the text again and again. Thus the the actions (mouse clicks)
> seemed to be recognized but there is no action connected.


that seems to be the confirmation for "Bug 43684 - SLIDESHOW: Animation 
'Start on Click' not respected"

BTW, for me "Bug 43837 - SLIDESHOW CRASH on custom animation of 
particular objects" crashes your presentation Slide 8.

(I missed to send this to the list)

Best regards


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