[Libreoffice-qa] db test VM

drew drew at baseanswers.com
Tue Nov 1 09:54:50 PDT 2011

On Tue, 2011-11-01 at 15:56 +0000, Michael Meeks wrote:
> On Tue, 2011-11-01 at 11:41 -0400, drew wrote:
> > [2] using this command "sudo zypper si -d libreoffice-bootstrap" from a
> > running instance of VM resulted in an error, so ended up adding required
> > packages by hand.
> 	Ah - that's annoying; this command is rather version dependent sadly;
> we renamed OpenOffice_org-bootstrap to libreoffice-bootstrap (now to)
> libreoffice.

Peter asked about the error message which I don't recall verbatim, but
can paraphrase to 'what?'..and this would explain it *smile*.

> 	Oddly I thought I'd updated the developers page to switch that to plain
> 'libreoffice' for more recent openSUSE's but ... it seems that didn't
> make it there.

Well it was changed, I see now, on the wiki page[1] but not on the TDF
website page [2]..problem was a google search for 'build libreoffie'
took me to the TDF page first.

I suppose the same type of issue with the wiki page that sent me back to
OpenOffice.org web resources looking for TestTool...so I suppose I can
help with this by asking questions and where possible updating pages to
reflect the answers where appropriate. 

>  <snip>	 Perhaps we can provide a pre-canned
> Linux VM for people to build from, although (at least for Linux) build
> problems don't seem like such a huge issue these days.

Right - well, my thought was with regards to a supporting QA tasks. In
looking at the information I could find regarding subsequenttests it
appeared that a full build environment was needed, but even short of
that one would want to be able to generate symbol tables and heck maybe
even try to code simple patches...you never know.


[1] http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Development/Old_How_to_build
[2] http://www.documentfoundation.org/develop/

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