[Libreoffice-qa] prob with dailybuild on Linux x86 ?

Jean-Baptiste Faure jbf.faure at orange.fr
Sat Nov 5 23:24:13 PDT 2011

Hi Cor,

Le 06/11/2011 00:50, Cor Nouws a écrit :
> Cor Nouws wrote (06-11-11 00:45)
>> Hi Jean-Baptiste,
>> Thanks for replying. (And sorry for my initial post - too many typos and
>> wrong wordings, as I see it now - I should be more awake when writing
>> :-\ )
>> Maybe that is a fundamental Linux misbehaviour of mine, that I run
>> dpkg-deb and replace the whole opt folder afterwards?
> Maybe that is a fundamental Linux misbehaviour of me, that I run
> dpkg-deb and move the whole opt folder afterwards?

I would not say that but it's true that you don't test the LibO
installation using the standard installation procedure of your system. :-)
In fact, and if I understand well, you just unpack all involved packages
and you move them where you want. Doing that you do not run pre and post
install scripts. I think it is not a problem for beta versions. Doing
like this, you avoid the risk of corruption of the dpkg DB if something
goes wrong. :-)

In my case it was the post-install script of the FR dictionary which was
blocking the uninstallation, and I fixed the problem by removing the
content of this script and re-running the uninstallation command.

After having succeeded to uninstall the daily build, I reinstalled it
without any langpack, and it started without problem.

Best regards.
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