[Libreoffice-qa] Creating test cases for Litmus server

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Mon Nov 7 02:58:10 PST 2011

Rimas Kudelis píše v So 05. 11. 2011 v 11:13 +0200:
> OK, this appears to have been easier than I thought. It seems like the
> functionality is already in Litmus, but simply not exposed in Litmus
> admin UI. With just two SQL queries I have just created a new group
> called 'LibreOffice product administrators' and associated it with
> LibreOffice product. As a member of that group, I can now manage
> testcases for LibreOffice product, and I am NOT able to edit users.
> Hooray! \o/

Briliant. You rock!

> Folks, can you check and confirm that this particular problem is really
> solved? :)

I am not in the 'LibreOffice product administrators' group, so I could
not check :-)

Thanks a lot for looking into it.

Best Regards,

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