[Libreoffice-qa] Test case naming

Rimas Kudelis rq at akl.lt
Mon Nov 14 11:13:48 PST 2011

2011.11.14 12:07, Petr Mladek rašė:
> Rimas Kudelis píše v So 12. 11. 2011 v 22:46 +0200:
>> 2011.11.11 22:14, Petr Mladek rašė:
>>> The list of existing test cases looks the following way in Litmus:
>>> id   # testcase summary                                      # subgroup
>>> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
>>> 1066 # g001 - Installing LibreOffice                         # General
>>> 1061 # g002 - Uninstalling LibreOffice                       # General
>>> 1053 # g003 - First launch of LibreOffice                    # General
>>> 1063 # g004 - Creating a new document                        # General
>>> 1048 # w002 - Importing MS Word documents                    # Writer
>>> 1052 # w003 - Exporting ODF text document to MS Word formats # Writer 
>>> 1049 # w004 - PDF export of text docs                        # Writer
>>> 1054 # w001 - Creating a new text document                   # Writer
>> If you look at what you pasted (and at your image) again, you'll notice
>> that #w001 is the only testcase that wasn't shown in its expected
>> position, and that is because it wasn't positioned correctly inside the
>> subgroup. I've just corrected its position and it's now shown where
>> expected.
> Interesting. So, the test cases are not sorted alphabetically. Am I
> right? How do you define the sorting inside the group? Are you able to
> do it from the UI? I do not see this possibility in the "Manage
> Testcases" interface :-)

When you are creating/editing a subgroup and adding testcases to it, you
can sort testcases as you like.
Similarly, when you are creating/editing a testgroup and adding
subgroups to it, you can sort subgroups as you like.

So yes, this is available in the UI.

>> However, I'm afraid we can't randomize testcase order by
>> default. Currently, this would probably have to be done manually each
>> time a relevant subgroup is updated. That would be a PITA. On the other
>> hand, it's not really that bad. You can still run the tests in random
>> order, but you will always see them in the specified order.
> I agree. We do not need to randomize the test cases in the view. It
> might be enough to ask people to run it randomly.

Good. :)


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