[Libreoffice-qa] New Windows tinderbox: Windows 2008R2

Jan Holesovsky kendy at suse.cz
Wed Nov 16 05:45:15 PST 2011


I've retired the "Windows XP SP3" tinderbox (with build times > 24
hours), and instead set up a new one, called "Windows 2008R2".  Cloph -
can you please remove the "Windows XP SP3" box from the tinderbox

"Windows 2008R2" is a fairly fast machine that produces the builds in
about 3.5 hours, so hopefully it will drastically decrease our
time-to-fix of the Windows breakages; being informed 8 hours (or later)
after you have committed something that broke the build is not that
helpful ;-)

So please - if this box spams you, try to fix what broke ASAP, or poke
me (or others with access to Windows H/W) if you are unable to unwind it
from the log.

Build results are uploaded to


[For those interested, the H/W is not _that_ special - Core2 Quad, 8G
ram, 2 fast disks in RAID0; no idea why it is that much faster compared
to eg. the Voreppe box.]

Thank you,

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