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Cor Nouws oolst at nouenoff.nl
Tue Nov 29 12:36:15 PST 2011

Hi Petr,

Petr Mladek wrote (29-11-11 16:42)
> Cor Nouws píše v Út 29. 11. 2011 v 15:34 +0100:
>> Petr Mladek wrote (29-11-11 11:54)

>>> Another problem is that we still have only few testcases. We need to
>>> create more. We still could do it during the test phase.
>>> Any helping hands are welcome.
>> I saw your note in an earlier mail yes. But did not really think about
>> it, sorry.
>> Is it a good idea if for the next 7/8 weeks we focus on as much testing
>> as possible and that we after that try to encourage people to help with
>> writing tests cases?
> I would encourage people to do both. Testing is important. On the other
> hand, the written tests help to avoid duplication. Also they are
> inspiration for people that have less experience. Note most of the test
> make sense to duplicate on Windows, Linux, and MAC.

I'm afraid that too much emphasis now on the need to write test cases, 
distracts people from what is needed most now: testing testing and testing..

> I would write it the way that we are looking for testers. Any test make
> sense. We want to do the existing tests from Litmus. They are also
> [...]

But I agree that some mention, as inspiration, heads up etc. is 
important. I'll include it in my drafts.

>>>> Cor Nouws wrote (19-11-11 16:56)
>>>> - With the first beta, two day's organised bug-hunting:

>>> It sounds good. Rainer is just afraid that we do not get enough people

>> I share his experience from years past that it is not easy.
>> On the other hand:
>> - all we get on testing early is important;
>> - we might help l10n people/groups to present it. Announcing the first
>> beta of the next great LibreOffice (->  features..) and a bug hunt
>> session, sure will get some media attention. Which is good for the
>> overall project and good for the l10n teams...
>> Of course, needs some preparation, but should not be too difficult.
>> I have some hours available this and next week to help.
> Sounds good to me.
>>>> - during the months, a two day's competition:

>>> I am not sure about this action. I am afraid that we could get too many

>> That is a possible trap, yes.
>> Maybe there are some simple way's to make it better (will think about
>> that later, but of course, hints welcome..)
>> So best is the we start with the first step, and in the mean while think
>> about if a competition can be managed in a pretty fair way.
> Yup, I like this step by step approach.

OK. I'll put working on ideas for this in a separate thread.
Maybe we can use it now, maybe it's smarter to use the competition idea 
another moment. We can think about that.

>>> Another question is how to instruct people during the bug-hunting
>>> session. We do not have enough test cases. One possibility would be to

>> I can draft a page to get just the people in the bug-hunt sessions on
>> the right track.
> That would be great if you could draft something.

Will post more details soon :-)



  - Cor
  - http://nl.libreoffice.org

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