[Libreoffice-qa] Updating Litmus testing organization.

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Thu Oct 27 01:38:28 PDT 2011

Yifan Jiang píše v St 26. 10. 2011 v 23:50 +0800:
> Branch Master Function Regression Test
> ======================================
> Function Regression Test Branch stores language neutral function cases
> regardless in which locale the tests will be executed.


> Branch Master L10N Regression Test
> ==================================
> L10N Regression Test Branch stores language specific test cases which should
> all be language sensitive. That is to say, we only put those cases really need
> test in multiple languages into this branch. For example: dictionary, spell
> check, hyphenazing, menu/dialog translation, asian language layout etc.

Great change. It helps to split the test cases for the
language-independent functionality and test cases that need to be run in
every localization. It saves resources and allows us to do more complex

> The English version is still there because we also need to provide a
> "synchronizing center" to share information between different
> languages. Ideally it is preferrable to have an English version of cases for
> each language specific test cases, so that QA who knows English can be
> enlighten when he/she creates test cases in his/her own language. Naturally,
> it is easy to figure out the test cases in English group will not be added
> into any test runs since they are supposed to be only usable in L10N
> environment.

In fact, we should run English version as well. We want to check, for
example, English spell checker, templates, typos in strings, optional
help content ;-)

>Current Progress of Updating
> =============================

> While I didn't remove any old cases at the moment, they are all
> currently in
> "Branch Master L10N Regression Test", since some of the test cases are
> re-usable and just there waiting for updating. I just do not have
> enough knowledge to update all of them :)

Many people do not read documentation. They just follow what they see. I
suggest to remove test cases that were moved to "Function Regression
Test" branch. If you are not comfortable with removing them, you might
temporary move them to a branch called "obsolete" or "bin" :-)

Also, it would be great if authors of the existing test cases could help
to clean up the rest.

Great work!

Best Regards,

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