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Loic Dachary loic at dachary.org
Tue Sep 6 01:57:39 PDT 2011

On 09/06/2011 09:30 AM, Rainer Bielefeld wrote:
> Loic Dachary schrieb:
>> I hacked something. It is much less crude than the previous draft. But
>> it's ugly and I confess that I really need help to make it look better ;-)
> Hi,
> that looks really good. Unfortunately I (also?) have no real idea what a good and userfriendly design might be, but imho your draft is quite nearby to a usable solution. I recommend to leave this design until all technical details will have been clarified. In parallel we can try to collect some ideas from design team on the Wiki projet page, that you should ignore more or less until there are no more technical details to be clarified.
> I will add Help texts for Components and subcomponents until weekend, 
Ok, let me know when they are ready.
> and I have a new idea for this:
> I doubt that a complete help text can be longer than the one for Component documentation. You solution works very quick, so I believe we should normally show the first part of the help text (as visible for Chart) and have a small "show all" button to show the long text <http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/BugzAssHlp_Chart_long>. That would require a small additional Assistant Help text "Click Subcomponent to search Bugzilla for similar Bugs with this Component / Subcomponent)
> The same proceeding could be done for the subcomponents.
> What do you think?
We can do that.
> We will have to check what happens if a user plays with the Compontents. 1 Modification there, all selections in later steps might be lost?
No, if you modify the component only the subcomponent is changed. Once on step 4 all previous steps can be edited freely.


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