[Libreoffice-qa] Bug assistant specifications

Loic Dachary loic at dachary.org
Tue Sep 6 03:34:26 PDT 2011


Michael Meeks said he would write down his thoughts regarding the specifications of the bug assistant.


Here is the chat log, for the record.

(11:45:20 AM) dachary: mmeeks: would you recommend that I talk to a specific member of the webmaster team with regard to the inclusion of https://freedesktop.dachary.org/libreoffice/bug/bug.html somewhere on http://libreoffice.org/ ?
(11:45:49 AM) dachary: (still a draft)
(11:49:10 AM) mmeeks: dachary: oooh - looks nice :-)
(11:50:32 AM) mmeeks: dachary: I guess, some of the coaching wrt. cutting-down attachments etc. would be good
(11:50:57 AM) mmeeks: dachary: so cloph_away1 is a good guy to poke - he will want to cut/paste it into silverstripe though (making it super-hard to edit)
(11:52:23 AM) dachary: :-) I'm sure we can work something out. At this stage there is nothing permanent. cloph_away1 are you around ?
(11:52:48 AM) ***dachary realizes the nick suggests otherwise....
(11:53:34 AM) dachary: mmeeks: maybe I can mail him ?
(12:04:26 PM) mmeeks: dachary: yes - good plan: Christian Lohmaier <lohmaier+libreoffice at googlemail.com>
(12:04:31 PM) mmeeks: dachary: can you CC me ? :_)
(12:04:58 PM) ***mmeeks has a number of thoughts on user-friendliness here & has an action-item to poke you :-)
(12:05:06 PM) mmeeks: dachary: this is a starting point rather than end point I assume ? :-)
(12:05:45 PM) ***dachary configured silverlight
(12:08:31 PM) dachary: mmeeks: it is indeed a starting point. What do you have in mind ?
(12:09:03 PM) dachary: mmeeks: for the record Rainer wrote down his ideas (mostly) at http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Bug_Submission_Assistant_-_ToDo#Define_steps_and_sort_order_for_items_of_Assistant
(12:10:10 PM) mmeeks: dachary: right :-) Rainer is good, but he doesn't have the clueless end-user in mind I think :-)
(12:11:00 PM) mmeeks: dachary: and it looks like we reproduce bugzilla's over-complicated frontend ... :-)
(12:11:30 PM) mmeeks: dachary: sorry, I should write some notes for you ...
(12:13:33 PM) caolan: mmeeks: I know, but airlied was enthusiastic about helping
(12:16:10 PM) dachary: mmeeks: I Rainer and I both acknowledge that we completly lack the ability to properly think about the "clueless end-user". Which is the primary reason why we are seeking advices for the specifications ;-)
(12:24:04 PM) mmeeks: dachary: thanks ! I'll try to practise my clue-less-ness ... it is quite easy for me to be that way ;->
(12:24:22 PM) mmeeks: dachary: the problem for me is communicating the flow in a sane way I think ...
(12:26:26 PM) dachary: mmeeks: :-) I'll be expecting your input before going further.

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