[Libreoffice-qa] [libreoffice-design] Re: Bug Submission Assistant : status report

Christoph Noack christoph at dogmatux.com
Fri Sep 16 14:11:13 PDT 2011

Hi Loic, all!

Am Freitag, den 16.09.2011, 00:07 +0200 schrieb Loic Dachary:
> Hi,
> > As an additional note - do we get the "source code" to work on further
> > refinements / changes after the challenge is over?
> >
> I will provide the deliverables as a layered XCF file and it will be under GPLv3+ as the code.

That's great - XCF and SVG files is something we can easily work with
(whilst SVG provides a bit more flexibility).

> >       * See: My favorite so far ...

Oh, See already has made an update - excellent progress and very close
of what I had in mind :-)


> >               * but:
> >                       * The text "BugText" does not fit into our
> >                         branding scheme

Has been corrected. The current font decision resides here:

> >                       * Furthermore, the "textured" background for
> >                         Submit and the header is a bit different to what
> >                         we use ... if possible, a green on (different)
> >                         green motif should be used for large areas

Already fixed. The motif examples might have helped here...



> >                       * the dashed lines do not fit and adds visual
> >                         noise
> >                       * the "Submit" button is something good -
> >                         red/orange is a warning color (in most
> >                         countries), e.g. blue would fit better

Also fixed, looks very nice and is far better from the usability
point-of-view; colors according:

> Could you please add URLs (as precise as possible) explaining the relevant part of the branding scheme for the text or the required textured background ? I've noticed that they don't have time to research or read more than what is strictly necessary.
> I don't understand what you say about the dashed lines. Do you mean they don't fit the branding scheme and should be removed ?

To be honest, we've never decided on the user of whatever lines ... so
there is neither a best practice nor a guidelines. But, dashed lines are
something that catch attention - good if that's required, less good if
the surrounding elements do have priority (here, the line was just a

And for the sake of completeness - the branding page also covers a
temporary description of the "intended" visual design:
      * Clean: The visual design is straight and clean. Reduced
        geometric elements are combined to visualize the intended
      * Balanced: The visual design avoids any extremes. For example,
        neither extreme coloring nor intensive surface shining effects
        are used.
      * Friendly: The visual design creates a smooth and joyful
        environment. For example, rounded corners and the fresh color
        palette are used.

Nik, who puts lots of work into the motif and the website, added some
time ago "use lots of white".

> I communicated your remarks to "see" anyway but it would help for me to know more ;-)

> > By the way, I don't know whether it is possible, but maybe the designers
> > could add a large "problem icon" based on the Tango icons set (default
> > in LibO)?
> > http://tango.freedesktop.org/Tango_Icon_Theme_Guidelines
> >
> Could you please phrase this a self contained request ? I'm sure "see" will agree to it if time allows.

Okay, but only if it fits, since I don't have any clue how binding the
99designs work description is.

Rationale: Bugs aren't funny, but for our website it would help to have
a visual anchor that tells the user "bug this way, please". Furthermore,
a hiqh quality graphic lets us appear more professional ... although it
is still the same product (note: users tend to be more forgiving, if the
product - the BSA - is a pleasure to use)

Request: Create an graphic that can be used to refer to "bug reporting"
for a) in the product LibreOffice, b) the bug submitting assistant, c)
the feedback selection website. If the detail level is "mid" and the
file type vector (SVG), then we can adapt and tweak it afterwards.

Visual Design Hints:
      * Primary: Consider the Tango Desktop Icons styleguides
      * Secondary: Consider the LibreOffice branding guidelines

Proposal: I don't have any proposal for a metaphor ... :-\

      * If I remember correctly, Ubuntu uses a black exclamation mark on
        an orange "explosion" callout sign.
      * Bugzilla uses/used:
      * I once created a "cracked note" to symbolize the work in
        progress when we've worked on the Writer comments feature:

Does this help? If not, maybe our lovely Design members can start some
ideation process ...



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