[Libreoffice-qa] Testing Linux

Florian Reisinger reisi.007 at t-online.de
Fri Apr 6 23:47:35 PDT 2012

Hi there!

I have prepared a Linux (Is currently exporting), but all in all there 
are a few problems:

-My internet connection is too slow to upload a lot of 30GB
-Someone else might have problems downloading 30GB within one day
-PS: 30 GB is a "worst case"
-Updating IS a problem: Keep in mind: You don't want to download a full 
Linux to add one LibreOffice Version
-Should OpenJDK be included
- Which OO.org / LibO versions should be included
-Should I create a Sourceforge project, for "QA LibreOffice" or 
something else. (There would only be Debian (Ubuntu) 64-Bit compatible 
builds, but READY TO USE!!! BUT IMHO No ISO => Just the LibO / OO.org Builds

Just my first thoughts...

PS: With the early versions of OO.org I have problems, because they are 
1) very different compared to the state "today"
2) There are only RPMS, but I need DEBS
Thanks to Rainer, you can choose between every OO.org and LibO version, 
although I can't install some ;)

Bye! | Tschüss!

Florian Reisinger

@Windows 7 x64 SP1
LibreOffice Build-ID: 281b639-6baa1d3-ef66a77-d866f25-f36d45f
LibreOffice Portable 3.4.5 OOO340m1 (Build:502)
OpenOffice Portable 3.2.0 OOO320m12 (Build:9483)
OpenOffice Portable 3.0.0 OOO300m9  (Build:9358)
OpenOffice Portable 2.4.1

@Ubuntu 12.04 x64 (VM)
LibreOffice Build-ID: 281b639-6baa1d3-ef66a77-d866f25-f36d45f
LibreOffice 3.4.6 OOO340m1 (Build:602)
OpenOffice.org 3.2.1 OOO320m18 (Build:9502)
Skype: reisi.007

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