[Libreoffice-qa] do not update MAB without a comment - was: Re: [Bug 37361] LibreOffice 3.5 most annoying bugs

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Wed Apr 18 09:07:48 PDT 2012

dE . píše v St 18. 04. 2012 v 20:23 +0530:
> On 04/18/12 13:59, Petr Mladek wrote:
> > Petr Mladek píše v St 18. 04. 2012 v 10:21 +0200:
> >> For example I am not sure why you added the bug 35158 :-)
> > I forgot to say that I agreed with the other nominated bugs. Great work!
> >
> > Thanks for help with triaging.
> >
> >
> > Best Regards,
> > Petr
> >
> Don't you think bugzilla's bug priorities should be used instead of this 
> meta bug?

Good point! Well, we can't use the bugzilla severity/priority at this
point. Though, we should update these fields when triaging the bugs. It
will allow to use it in the future. Please read
https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=37361#c285 for more

> Also making these kind of things public is bound to cause controversy, I 
> don't think it's a good idea.

I sometimes speak too much. On the other hand this is open project and
we are improving the processes together. The reasons for adding comments
in the most annoying bug were newer discussed here. I though that it
might be useful for others as well. What exact thing from my mail could
cause controversy? :-)

Best Regards,

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