[Libreoffice-qa] [Bug 37361] LibreOffice 3.5 most annoying bugs

dE . de.techno at gmail.com
Sat Apr 21 21:07:54 PDT 2012

On 04/20/12 15:44, Rainer Bielefeld wrote:
> Hi,
> please excuse me, but I am getting a little impatient. I asked you not 
> to bore all CC in Bug 37361 with those "I do no know what to do" 
> comments. If you do not know leave the work for those who know and 
> concentrate on improving information in the bugs. If you doubt that 
> the rating of a bug Bug 34380 is not appropriate, only leave a comment 
> in the Bug itself. But STOP those useless suggestions, discussions, 
> ... in such a TASK bug with lots of CC!
> Please keep in mind that we all here have a lot of work and lots of 
> undone work, we do not need your hints concerning Bugs needing review 
> or similar, we know ourselves enough sites.
> Concerning Bug 34380, Bug 34436, Bug 41261 I agree that rating might 
> be inappropriate and too high. But I strictly disagree with your 
> suggestion to modify rating, it helps nothing to sort them into other 
> drawers, you only hinder other people at work. I urgently recommend 
> that you stop that thinking about correct bugs rating (those ratings 
> are less important than you might believe) and concentrate on 
> improving Bug descriptions.
> Best Regards
> Rainer

Ok... forget bug ratings (as you say so)... but there're a lot of 
critical bugs hanging around for a year in bugzilla, before adding, I'll 
place them in this mailing list... fine?

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