[Libreoffice-qa] [ANN] LibreOffice 3.5.3 RC1 test builds available

Thorsten Behrens thb at documentfoundation.org
Tue Apr 24 10:13:14 PDT 2012

Nino Novak wrote:
> BTW - do you have actual numbers? How many downloads do we actually have and 
> how many does the server allow maximally? And about how many bugs have been 
> reported in the 24-h-period in the past?
Hi Nino,

the announcement is to be taken project-internal, i.e. addressing
core QA volunteers smoke-testing the builds. I did not rigorously
tally reports against those test announcements, but personally
recall a handful of instances where I've subsequently release-noted
a few quirks, some of them new, some in theory known, but missed by
the guy writing the release notes (me ;)).

The host is quite powerful, but by no means capable of serving
anything near the peak load our mirrorbrain system is able to cope
with - plus, it runs a few other dev-related workloads I would hate
to be affected. ;)


-- Thorsten
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