[Libreoffice-qa] Help dealing with this

klaus-jürgen weghorn ol ol at sophia-louise.de
Wed Apr 25 00:03:04 PDT 2012

Hi Rainer, Kohei, Markus,

Am 25.04.2012 07:47, schrieb Rainer Bielefeld:
> Kohei Yoshida schrieb:
>> I think we could use some help dealing with an ugly personal attack
>> disguised as a bug report.
> Hello Kohei,
> I believe OfficeUser had a bad day when he wrote that lousy bad and
> incomplete report with wild speculations instead of reviewable facts.
> We should not attach great importance to that matter with the
> unfortunate subject line and wrong conclusion.

But when I'm reading this bug in the right way the bug report is a 
direct accusation and a slander to *one* of our (new) developers who 
makes good work.
So the very least is that if OfficeUser had a bad day he had to say 


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