[Libreoffice-qa] Help dealing with this

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Wed Apr 25 01:58:52 PDT 2012

Pedro píše v St 25. 04. 2012 v 00:16 -0700:
> klaus-jürgen weghorn ol wrote
> > 
> > So the very least is that if OfficeUser had a bad day he had to say 
> > "Sorry".
> > 
> He already said Sorry and volunteered to change the summary  in Comment
> number 4.

Hmm, he said sorry but the very next comment was invalid and negative

> In any case it was Markus himself  who considered it was his fault in
> comment #6 and #8 here
> https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=46230#c6

This is not related. It was a Calc bug while the most problematic bug
was about Impress.

> It was impolite of OfficeUser to stress that but it doesn't seem like a case
> to "lose hope in a FOSS project"

I hope that Kohei and Markus will not give up because of few quarrelsome
people. They do great job and are important for the project.

Best Regards,

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