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Thu Aug 9 14:08:47 PDT 2012

Timur_LOL wrote
> It is clear that at the beginning bugs list should contain only bugs
> which are *new* in LibreOffice 3.6, but at some time, while some fixes
> from MAB 3.5 are integrated in the code, there is a decision on what
> to do with the remaining unfixed bugs from a branch (3.5).
It is not a big surprise that 3.5MAB has already 3.4MAB bugs imported. Now,
most of them will become 3.6MAB, which is ridiculous. Personally I would
declare bankruptcy of this system. It is a road to nowhere. I'd propose
Nominate bug system. As branch will have 6 maintenance releases maybe a bug
should have Target version field, where QA would like to see a fix. I know
that LO development is Take your bug>Fix it>Commit system, but
Nominate>Take>Fix>Commit attitude would be a gain. What good are new
features, where people are stuck with 3.4.x version because of regressions
introduced in constant rewrite of filters without proper testing? Already
there are discussions about LO 4.0 with incompatible changes. With all due
respect this is insane. I would like to see 3.8 crashkill and 3.9
regressionkill versions before rewriting code in 4.0 (with strict unit tests
and regression testing policies). I know that developers do not like to fix
bugs (booooring), but QA should encourage to fix old problems, even at the
cost of new features (new features are cool!!!).

> Most annoying bugs:
> - Report wizard "Finish" button does nothing
> - Exporting files with hyperlinks in footnotes/endnotes or even a table of
> content to DOCX was generating corrupted files that other office suites
> weren't able to open
> - Exporting (saving) spreadsheet file with cell comments to XLS/XLSX will
> lose comments
Well, because of that (and 3.5MAB) 3.6  is a no go for many, in fact 3.5 in
no go for some already. Interesting read is an article about LO adoption in
where MIMO group recommends LibreOffice in 3.3.4 version until September
2012! I am curious which version will be recommended afterwards. They are
two branches behind already. Maybe their testing procedures would be good
test plans for LO testing in general? Does TDF cooperates with them about
it? Their deployment is mentioned in every marketing note recently...
Best regards.

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