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Sat Aug 11 12:30:33 PDT 2012

Jochen wrote
>> We need a strategy with a positive, encouraging motto for the developers.
Strategy is simple - the time has come to manage bugs better. I could be
mistaken, it is still difficult to me to gather informations from all LO
resources, but I think that today some QA people are CCing experts asking
for a bug fix.
I am in doubt that this works. Some kind of Bugfix campaign has to start. 
Mottos? I am not a marketing expert nor a good gfx artist to prepare
posters, but we could use some catchy slogans on wiki pages or mailing to
get devs more involved in fixing them. As probably you noticed, I mention
Mozilla very, very often in my postings. Well, they have good ideas. Make
awful mistakes and have their problems (recent Firefox and Flash situation)
but are IMHO better organized and have a big bunch of tooling. Yes, I am
aware that Mozilla have their QA full time employees, but dedicated
volunteers are not unique. At MozCamp Europe 2011 held in Berlin a campaign
for Firefox Mobile testers was present all around the venue
(https://wiki.mozilla.org/Mobile/Testdrivers_Program). Posters
(http://www.flickr.com/photos/lhirlimann/6375704453/), stickers were
everywhere. I think that LO conference in Berlin is a good opportunity to
have Bug squashing draft (this include devs and QA). Examples? I paraphrased
few well known slogans to sell this idea (posters, stickers, t-shirts?):

Bugs - everyone loses. Help to fix them.
Volunteers wanted! Call 999-FIX-BUGS now!
Became The king of bugfixing!
The bugfixer 14 - come to the sourcecode soon!
100% certified bugfixer
We find bugs 
We fix bugs
If you want to impress someone, show him your bugfix list
Fix bugs, live better!
For the men in charge of bugfixing
Bugfixing. I'm lovin it. (R)
Bugfixing. Just do it (R)
Bugfixing. F********* good and tasty!
Bugfixing. Does she?
Bugfixing. Does he?
Bugfixing. Are you?
I am with bugfixer
I fix, 'cause I can
Fix it your way!
Reach out and fix something.
Find it. Assign it. Fix it.
Keep going and going and going...
I'm in Resolved Fixed Team.
Have you fixed your bug today?
Are you Resolved Fixed?

Call for bugs (CFB).
I think that CFB should be introduced in the release schedule (example
http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/ReleasePlan/3.6). When to do it and how
is another matter. I think that when RC1 is released a CFB should be started
and bugfixing planned when RC2 is released (2 weeks are enough?). Bugs
should be nominated by QA from ESC stats - regressions and MAB list. Hard
code freeze is in next 4 weeks, so the question is - how many bugs can be
fixed in 4 weeks? Please remember that today we are talking about >70 MABs
and >170 regressions.  Branch is in 6 months cycle. So, 10 bugs a week will
be enough.. not. Please remember that we still have >2500 bugs to triage.
Some minimum should be set by ESC as a goal. Even the open source community
have to be managed.

To motivate volunteers TDF could join (surprise surprise) Mozilla initiative
of Open Badges system (http://www.openbadges.org/en-US/
https://wiki.mozilla.org/Badges/About http://planet.openbadges.org/). Some
LibreOffice badges could be developed, like:
- certified LibreOffice user
- c. LO developer (builder, gerriter)
- c. LO supporter (educator, implementer, translator, templates)
- c. QA member (tester, triager, test wrtiter, researcher, bibisecter,
This can help to build active community and make people proud. Requirements
for above should be set.
(http://ask.libreoffice.org have their badges - does it work?)

All in all the backlog in bugs, regressions and crashers need urgent
attention and detailed plan how to get things done. The sooner, the better.
When bugs/regressions/crasher situation will be under control, QA could let
the devs to rewrite everything. Of course only when testplans, automation
and proper code testing procedures are implemented. But that is another
matter which should be discussed.

Best regards.
Other issues to discuss:
- central crash report data system - enable build in crash reporter - detect
hot issues
- http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/FindTheExpert - experts involvement in
- does releasing branch starter with known dataloss regressions (already
fixed!) makes sense?
- 4 weeks cycle - not too often for proper testing, bug fixing? 
- beta, rc, master users (numbers, reports)

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