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Mon Aug 13 10:09:48 PDT 2012

Michael Meeks-2 wrote
> 	So - I like the idea of highlighting a small set of the most critical
> bugs each-week - say five; and having them linked in the ESC minutes
> with a small write-up. Of course that would need to be generated by QA.
> 	The bit that is unworkable in the above is the problem of starting QA
> in earnest only at RC1 :-) That is is -way- too late. We have to be
> doing QA on master, Betas etc.
> [...]
> 	Why is RC1 -way- too late ? The time it takes to get a fix made,
> tested, reviewed and included into the next RC is sufficiently long that
> being certain that bugs fixed in RC1 are truly fixed without knock-on
> regressions by the time we hit RC3 is already not optimal.
In my proposal I was thinking about maintenance releases only. Constant QA
on master, Betas I am taking for granted. So, proposed workflow would be
like this (based on 3.6.1 and 3.6.2):
3.6.1 release 
at RC1 	Week 33, Aug 13 - Aug 19, 2012 - start of nominations of bugs, which
should be fixed in 3.6.2 
at RC2 	Week 34, Aug 20 - Aug 26, 2012  - list ready, reviewed by QA, picked
minimum number of bugs - maybe goal of 5-10 bugs  per release will be
achievable? interested devs can assign the bugs to themselves
3.6.2 release
Hard code freeze & branch libreoffice-3-6-2 	Week 38, Sep 17 - Sep 23, 2012
- bugs from nomination list VERIFIED FIXED
at RC1 	Week 38, Sep 17 - Sep 23, 2012  - list empty or number of bugs <
minimum goal - nomination is started

This is of course apart from all other bug fixing and QA activity. Details
to be discussed.

Michael Meeks-2 wrote
> 	On the other hand, getting some top #5 bugs chewed over at the ESC call
> each week from Beta0 onwards sounds like it would be a worthwhile thing
> to do. Of course, there is no guarantee they get fixed and this data
> should already existing in the MAB tracker for the next release - but it
> might be helpful to get wider exposure.
Would be happy to see that going on... Please remember that old bugs are
mostly in the master anyway.

Michael Meeks-2 wrote
> 	Are you volunteering to write that ? if so, the ESC agenda goes out
> tomorrow ;-)
I know that there is propose=do it scheme on this ML and it is rude to have
excuses but at the moment I want to dedicate myself to bugs triage... 
Backlog it this area is enormous. 
Best regards.

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