[Libreoffice-qa] Fwd: [tdf-announce] The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 3.6 with a wealth of new features and improvements

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Tue Aug 14 04:57:02 PDT 2012

Michael Meeks-2 wrote
> 	Of course the filters are tested; there were -zero- unit tests for the
> RTF filter before we started, it is now perhaps -the- most unit tested
> filter that there is - every bug fix Miklos makes has a nice unit test:
> better - since the code is shared, that is unit testing a big chunk of
> the DOCX and perhaps DOC filtering as well.
I noticed that, as I am forced to watch commits to know what is going on in
the projects. Good work, should be a part of commit workflow, but IMHO such
tests should be placed in the code before importing it to stable branch as a
general rule and good coding practice.

Michael Meeks-2 wrote
> 	Wow - I didn't hear about that; can you give me a few links ? did you
> use a Windows build with debugging symbols (if not the traces would be
> next-to-useless sadly).
Sure. BTW: if you can make that this page will get a professional review -
that would be great.

Michael Meeks-2 wrote
> Unfortunately there are problems, the Windows symbol
> server is IIRC some hideous tangled Microsoft proprietary product that
> requires a Windows server to push a few binary files (que?). This
> complicates matters.
As you can read in the bug resources I gathered Mozilla guys did it, along
with Bug reporting stuff. Whoever is working on it can ask those friedly
people for help. One should not reinvent the wheel again and again...

Michael Meeks-2 wrote
> Is there a good list of such bugs ?
> AFAICS we need a good way to get nice work (like your bugs with
> backtraces) communicated to development in such a way that they notice &
> do something about it :-) Not sure how to do that - bloating the MAB
> list is prolly not it though - creative ideas appreciated.
We should be using Bugzilla and its features - keywords, shared searches,
tags, custom fields, flags (per component maybe). 

Michael Meeks-2 wrote
> 	One thing I'd like to do is make a developers' portal - we can use as a
> homepage, with easy-to-use boxes to lookup bug numbers, and interesting
> reports on the page: that might be rather a good way of advertising the
> latest problems :-)
There is one already - Bugzilla. I think devs should be teached how to use
Bugzilla more. It is a monster at first sight, but it can be your best pet
after a while. Creating multiple resources, like devs portals, special wiki
pages etc. won't help.
Best regards.

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