[Libreoffice-qa] Moztrap, some questions

Sophie Gautier gautier.sophie at gmail.com
Wed Aug 15 05:28:58 PDT 2012

Hi Petr, Yifan, all
On 15/08/2012 12:44, Petr Mladek wrote:
> Hi Yifan,
> it is great that you found time to work on Moztrap again.
> Yi Fan Jiang píše v St 15. 08. 2012 v 00:46 -0600:
>> Let me go back a bit to Moztrap. As I ever mentioned two types of
>> localization need to be concern:
>>      1. UI localization of Moztrap buttons, navigators etc.
>>      2. Test case l10n that allows people to translate existing test
>> cases,
>>      according to with testers will be able to understand them.
>> The 1st point tightly depends on upstream framework update. It seems
>> less important than the second one, I remember we used Litmus either
>> without this before?

and that explains why we met so little success with Litmus.
> Yes, the UI localization is slightly less important because people do
> the same actions over and over. We could describe it in the wiki.

If you want to attract people from the overall community, UI is as 
important as the translation process of the tests. The more the task is 
complicated or not attractive, the more we lose people interest. Even 
the FR community which was quite motivated for these tests has resigned now.
And even some experienced users don't speak English or do not want to 
contribute in an English environment. It's also important to show to our 
language communities that we try to answer to their needs. In my point 
of view, it's not only about the tests, but also how we are able to 
gather people around that tool.
>> I guess the 2nd point is more emergent in our situation since the
>> content of test cases should be standing understandable and suitable
>> for language specific function coverage. Then people can immediately
>> start to test without knowing much English.
> yup
>>   Noticed from the last mail, 2 workarounds come to my
>> mind:
>>      1. we do similar things what we did in Litmus that put all
>>   language versions test case into a single one by mixed manner.
> I like this because people see the translation out of box.
>>      2. translate the test case in wiki and give the link back to
>> Moztrap
> I am afraid that it would be hard to maintain and too much clicking.
>> it is possible we use the "Steps" to distinguish various language
>> version of a test case. Here is what it possibly looks like the demo:
>>      http://vm12.documentfoundation.org/runtests/run/21/env/631/
> Hmm, the advantage is that you see everything in one place. The steps
> are compact for one language.
> The pity thing is that it does not use the nice Moztrap feature where
> you see "Step" and "Expected Results" next to each other.
> I wonder how it would look if we translate the steps, results inside
> each box. I mean to a syntax like:
> Step1:                                Result:
> [en] launch Libreoffice Base          [en] the database application
>                                             the database wizard opens
> [fr] lancement LibreOffice Base       [fr] l'application de base de
>                                             données apparaît, l'assistant
>                                             base de données s'ouvre
> Step2:
> [en] enter a name for the database    [en] the dialog for "save and
>       in the dialog box and click OK        proceed" appears
> [fr] cochez la case [Créer une base   [fr] la boîte de dialogue pour
>       de données], puis cliquez sur         "sauvegarder et passer"
>       le bouton Suivant.                    apparaît
> Of course, it will be harder to follow the steps because the description
> will be longer but it should not be that bad. I think that we will have
> only few translations in the beginning. I hope that Moztrap could
> support translating relatively soon.

That was what we had in the TCM and was very easy for the tester to 
understand what was asked and the expected result at the same time and 
it helps also to adjust/adapt the translation.
We need to keep in mind that a large part of the users of this tool will 
make their first steps in QA and that it is most of the time a first 
door for them to contribute to our community.
> The big advantage is that it keeps the translations in sync with the
> English original. Also it uses the "step/result" Moztrap feature =>  It
> will be much easier to move the test cases into newer Moztrap that might
> support translations. We will not need to rewrite the test cases during
> such migration. Easy script will be enough to save the translations into
> the right place.
> Of course, this is only mine opinion. I wonder what say others that will
> use Mozrap.

I don't know if you have ever used the TCM, the requests that was listed 
first to enhance it was l10n of the UI and the usability for first time 
contributors. Hence why I'm focusing on these points :) based on the 
experience of Litmus vs TCM contributors.

Kind regards

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