[Libreoffice-qa] HardHacks

Rainer Bielefeld LibreOffice at bielefeldundbuss.de
Fri Aug 24 23:31:21 PDT 2012

Hi all,

it seems FDO ate my first mail to libo-qa and libo mailing lists?

Here is the list of bugs we selected during QA Call from a long list:

ID      OS      Component - Summary
38913   Linux   Libreoffice - CRASH when loading Danish dictionary at
                 startup citing msvcr90.dll after upgrade
32948   Linux   Libreoffice/Database(?) - Address Book Data Source
                 Wizard fails with message "No SDBC driver was found"
34548   All     Presentation - EDITING: CRASH in action after Undo
36681   All     Writer - EDITING: after insert/removal of a picture (or
                 alike) view scrolls to begin/end of document
33302   Mac     Libreoffice - FILEOPEN/EDITING RTL text: parentheses and
                 brackets "(...) [...]" inverted to ")...( ]...["
                 with some fonts

Our additional criteria for long pending Most Annoying Bugs were:

- Large public interest (many users in CC)
- The list should not prefer a particular Operating System
- Bugs should be divided to several developers so that not a single one
   has to do all additional work
- Good triaged, all preconditions for developer to start bugfixing are
   in the bug report and comments (I hope our rating is correct)
- a realistic chance that it will be possible to fix the bug within 2

It would be great if developers could take care on these bugs. For 
questions please ping me, all further discussion should be in next ESC 
Call 2012-08-30

Some other candidates still need some additional research and might 
appear on the next selection list

Best regards


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